books + illustration by molly brooks

Ghost Circus: A Road Trip

2012 | 56 pages| brushpen/digital


written and drawn september 2011-january 2012 for Viktor Koen's Book Seminar class in the MFA Illustration as Visual Essay program at the School of Visual Arts. The entire class spent the semester interpreting a short story by Brendan Mathews, "My Last Attempt to Explain to You What Happened With the Lion Tamer". Nutshell version: love triangle among a lonely sad clown, an egotistical lion tamer, and a suicidal aerialist.

Some people stuck more closely to the story than others, and the majority of the class just took the circus setting as inspiration and went off on a tangent. laurie's mom in my comic loosely resembles my mental image of the aerialist from Mathews's story, but that's really the only link. the comic was originally only going to be 30 pages, but it ballooned out of control and basically was a terrible source of panic for 5 months.

i definitely learned a lot over the course of the semester, and i'm super excited to apply this experience to next semester's comic project-- coming soon!

left: sample spreads from the book.