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goalies are ridiculous, and also the BEST.

doodles from between periods of the nashville predators home opener against the blue jackets.

self portrait in four-year gaps

i just found a self-portrait from four years ago, comparing myself-then to myself-four-years-before-that. i’ve updated it with myself-now, so everyone can enjoy how little i’ve evolved over the last eight years of my life.

drawn-type experiment, from a poem i wrote last month.

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no doubt, some famine prompted prayer is being answered
some drought, long abated, claimed the tongues of holy men...
and now, the sky is an egg above us. it holds a growing flood...

for my drawing class, we were assigned to do a series of drawings centered on a specific location or theme. i chose live music, and used the project as an excuse to hang out in bars and clubs. featuring Pete’s Candy Store in brooklyn, the High Watt/Mercy Lounge in nashville, and the Bowery Electric in manhattan. bands featured: Hortonia, Old Mill, Railbird, Antennas Up, James Wallace & the Naked Light, Heypenny, and Super Water Sympathy.

click here to see the whole series in my sketchbook gallery!

antennas up @ the high watt / nashville

antennas up @ the high watt / nashville

super water sympathy @ the bowery electric / manhattan

super water sympathy @ the bowery electric / manhattan

i spent most of my first semester at sva in a trembling panic over whether i was going to get this done in time for the student show.

to my own shock and amazement, i came into the spring semester not JUST with a scary caffeine dependency (sleep? not while there’s art to be done!) and relaxed personal hygiene standards (laundry? not while there’s art to be done!), but also a finished 58-page comic book about a circus full of dead people.

wanna read it? you can! the whole weird thing is available as a free pdf download at the project page:
Ghost Circus: A Road Trip


MY CLASSMATES’ INDIVIDUAL PROJECT POSTS <--i've missed a bunch, either bc the work's not available online, or i'm too dumb to find it. Andrea Tsurumi's creature theatre: Zoötrope
Keren Katz’s gravity tragedy: The Chronicles of the Falling Women
Hye Jin Chung’s surreal sequential: Untitled
Federico Infante: The Morning Haze
Boyoen Choi: A Trapeze Girl
Maëlle Doliveux: A Cage Full of Beasts
Che Min Hsiao: Watercolor Animals

spreads from the mini-book i made as a christmas present for my mom.

liquid acrylics on rives bfk

this week in life drawing class, we had burlesque models acting out the process of transitioning from street clothes to full burlesque costume/persona. these are india ink and liquid acrylics (the magenta bits) w nib pen.

clicking each spread will take you to the image at full size.

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a couple sketchbook spreads of live models– astonishingly enough, no nudity! these are india ink w nib and brush, in a 12×18″ sketchbook (aka larger than i know what to do with).

clicking each spread will take you to the image at full size.

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here are some spreads (sans text) from the 32-page children’s book (based on a previously documented overly-complicated popup structure of the same name) that i did for the Proto Pulp children’s book show at Art and Invention Gallery in nashville. the book tells the story of a little girl that gets kidnapped by rats after her father’s death. the concept of the ‘rattenkönig’– a group of rats who get knotted together at the tail while burrowed together underground– is used as a visual metaphor for the grief experience and the search for connection out of absence.

anyone in nashville: the show is up until october 23, so be sure to check it out and see all the awesome books made by local artists!

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