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anyone following me on twitter last month was treated/subjected to my attempts to interpret the sketch i’d left for myself last spring, which was full of blank or incomprehensible panels with helpful labels like “HOLY SHIT ROBOTS,” “UNWELCOME IMAGINARY MOUSE HAT,” and “BIGGEST BOOM.” well, i mostly puzzled it out, and it’s finally done!

if my comic from this summer, Overtures, was me indulging my delight in both hockey and opera, then this one is my love song to vintage buddy cop shows. i’m really going to have to start listing “man from u.n.c.l.e” and “the professionals” as artistic influences.

anyone in nyc should definitely come to the student book show to see it and my classmates’ amazing work, september 21 — october 18. details here.

click on the image below to see an exerpt from the story in the comics section of my website.

the fruits of my summer class! v productive: i learned what a t-square is for, which white ink is most opaque, and what an ‘ames lettering guide’ is. also managed to shoehorn two of my favorite things– hockey and opera– into a 16 page comic book!

click on the image below to read the whole thing in the comics section of my website.