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doodles from between periods of the nashville predators home opener against the blue jackets.

these are some costume sketches i’ve been doing for Paula Rogers. she’s a costume designer, and wanted a way to help her film and tv clients visualize her specific intentions for various characters before building the actual costumes, so she’s been hiring me to do artist-renderings based on her designs (some of the ones below were done retroactively for her promo).

it’s a super fun project for me– they’re not intended as final illustrations, just fast and informative production art, so it falls right into my sweetspot between “detail-oriented” and “super easy.” :-)

tonight in thesis workshop, my classmates and i all did short presentations about our artistic influences. this is the diagram i made to explain myself. (click through for larger version.)

the fruits of my summer class! v productive: i learned what a t-square is for, which white ink is most opaque, and what an ‘ames lettering guide’ is. also managed to shoehorn two of my favorite things– hockey and opera– into a 16 page comic book!

click on the image below to read the whole thing in the comics section of my website.

self portrait in four-year gaps

i just found a self-portrait from four years ago, comparing myself-then to myself-four-years-before-that. i’ve updated it with myself-now, so everyone can enjoy how little i’ve evolved over the last eight years of my life.

playboy asked my class to submit illustrations for the winner of their college fiction contest. my entry wasn’t chosen for publication, but it was still a fun project! this image is from a scene from the story, in which our protagonist licks a fellow rehabber’s feet while she’s passed out drunk on the lawn, because he’s really into how high her arches are. :-\

i originally drew this for a call-for-entries contest to design an aids awareness poster. i never actually submitted it, because i never came up with a good way to make it have anything to do with aids. instead, it stands as a monument to my deep deep love of drawing string.
and hands. i like drawing hands, too.

illustration of hands coming out of an ocean of tangled string

drawn-type experiment, from a poem i wrote last month.

click here to see the full series in my illustration gallery!

no doubt, some famine prompted prayer is being answered
some drought, long abated, claimed the tongues of holy men...
and now, the sky is an egg above us. it holds a growing flood...

for my drawing class, we were assigned to do a series of drawings centered on a specific location or theme. i chose live music, and used the project as an excuse to hang out in bars and clubs. featuring Pete’s Candy Store in brooklyn, the High Watt/Mercy Lounge in nashville, and the Bowery Electric in manhattan. bands featured: Hortonia, Old Mill, Railbird, Antennas Up, James Wallace & the Naked Light, Heypenny, and Super Water Sympathy.

click here to see the whole series in my sketchbook gallery!

antennas up @ the high watt / nashville

antennas up @ the high watt / nashville

super water sympathy @ the bowery electric / manhattan

super water sympathy @ the bowery electric / manhattan

i spent most of my first semester at sva in a trembling panic over whether i was going to get this done in time for the student show.

to my own shock and amazement, i came into the spring semester not JUST with a scary caffeine dependency (sleep? not while there’s art to be done!) and relaxed personal hygiene standards (laundry? not while there’s art to be done!), but also a finished 58-page comic book about a circus full of dead people.

wanna read it? you can! the whole weird thing is available as a free pdf download at the project page:
Ghost Circus: A Road Trip


MY CLASSMATES’ INDIVIDUAL PROJECT POSTS <--i've missed a bunch, either bc the work's not available online, or i'm too dumb to find it. Andrea Tsurumi's creature theatre: Zoötrope
Keren Katz’s gravity tragedy: The Chronicles of the Falling Women
Hye Jin Chung’s surreal sequential: Untitled
Federico Infante: The Morning Haze
Boyoen Choi: A Trapeze Girl
Maëlle Doliveux: A Cage Full of Beasts
Che Min Hsiao: Watercolor Animals