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About Me

i, molly brooks, am a highly-sophisticated disaster machine fueled by green tea and jelly beans.

my illustrations have appeared in The Village Voice, The Guardian, The Boston Globe, Time Out New York, The Nashville Scene, The Riverfront Times, The Toast, BUST Magazine, ESPN social, Sports Illustrated online, and others. i spend my spare time watching vintage buddy cop shows and making comics about knitting, hockey, and/or feelings.

my original graphic novel series Sanity & Tallulah is forthcoming from Disney-Hyperion. the first book will be out Fall 2018!

i also did the art for Flying Machines, a graphic novel by Alison Wilgus about the Wright Brothers and other early aviation pioneers, part of First Second's "Science Comics" series (Spring 2017).

i grew up in nashville tennessee, and am currently based in brooklyn. i'm available for freelance work in illustration, comics, bookbinding &c. please contact me to discuss details!

book projects represented by Sara Crowe at Pippin Properties.

—molly brooks

Contact Me


telephone 615.210.9737

twitter @mollybrooks